• Wedding in Osoyoos BC and Visiting Anarchist Mountain

    Moving to a town or the countryside is amazing especially when it has got all your needs and preferences for living. One town in the Western part of Canada is as much as peaceful but is loaded with commodities and lifestyle centers for every inhabitant to enjoy and settle with.

    Osoyoos is located in British Columbia, a region of Canada. It is particularly located between Penticton and Omak which are in the north of Washington, United State of America. Washington is mainly adjacent to the Osoyoos Indian Reserve. Osoyoos means “the narrowing water” derived from the local Okanagan language traced with indigenous roots. The town is a town in the Okanagan Valley surrounded by Oliver, Omak, Okanagan, and Oroville around it which was harmonized by the traditional settlers.

    Osoyoos is dubbed to be “Canada’s warmest welcome”. Thus, it is, therefore, one of the least cold places in the country. Usually, for not over 35 days in a year, Canada has the least temperature of 30 degrees Celcius. This town’s average daytime temperature goes down to 17 degrees Celcius. The summertime in Osoyoos is warm and dry, while the winter is freezing and snowy. The relatively tallied average temperatures of a high of 30 degrees Celius, and may go sometimes below -0 Celius in the winter.


    Let’s Get Married in Osoyoos

    People choose to get married and settle in Osoyoos mainly because of its diverse activities offered for leisure, lifestyle, and activities to residents, tourists, and inhabitants. The location is mainly classified as Canada’s desert because of its warmest annual temperature, lower annual precipitation, and also one of the warmest freshwater lakes. Thus, the town’s rugged hills and surrounding majestic mountains are so glorious to look at. The rolling vineyards and sandy lakeshore would surely be what the people would love. 


    Classified as Canada’s only desert, Osoyoos has the warmest annual temperature, lower annual precipitation, and also the warmest freshwater lake! Osoyoos is also gorgeous to look at, from the rugged hills and surrounding mountains all the way to the rolling vineyards and sandy lakeshore. The activities that you can find and experience in Osoyoos in both the summertime and winter are:

    • Indian Grove Riding Stables
    • Coyotes Sports Stimulation
    • Double O Bikes, Klikkuk
    • Mount Baldy Ski Resort
    • You can also enjoy fine wine at the Wine District Village

    Moreover, this own has extensive leisure centers like golf clubs, museums, galleries, see the lakes with marine boat rentals and scooters.


    The most famous wineries you will find in Osoyoos are Nk’Mip Cellars, Moon Curser Vineyards, La Stella Winery, Adega Estate Winery, and Young and Wyse Collection. The wineries in this town are inspired by the Spanish-era vineyards combined with modern trends like surrounding structures and exciting wineries by the vineyards. Osoyoos is perfect for growing families too. There are public and private schools in Osoyoos that deliver quality education for your children. 

    There are:

    • Osoyoos Child Care center
    • YouLearn
    • Ososyoos Elementary School
    • Osoyoos Secondary School
    • School District no. 53


    Getting to Osoyoos from Washington comes in 7 ways. It can be done by bus, plane, train, or car. It would take around 14 hours by train with a distance of 3526 kilometers from Washington to Osoyoos. However, it would only take less than one hour drive from Osoyoos to the U.S. border.

  • Event Planners For Your Kelowna Wedding Day

    Choose Wedding Event Planner For Her Kelowna Bridal Gown

    There are plenty of good reasons for hiring event planners for your wedding, any anniversaries or baby showers. And the bigger the event, the more you need them.

    First of all, the event planner takes the stress out of events. And let’s be honest here, there are plenty of situations, both real and imagined, where friction can take place.

    For example, imagine an after-event reception in which there is only one table setting next to the patriarch or matriarch of the family and there are five adult contenders for that coveted seating.

    Imagine the entire event is envisioned outdoors, but suddenly there is a rainstorm and a venue change is required –stat.

    Imagine one of the vendors pulled out their contract at the last moment. Let’s say for example, the wedding photographer got into an automobile accident and broke his or her leg. Are you going to go without Kelowna bridal gown photos, flowers, or a reception haul?

    No, the show must go on, and the event planner, with years of experience, and perhaps a little black book of emergency vendors, makes sure that the best event proceeds as smoothly as possible.

     On your side, not on your families side

    One of the reasons for hiring an event planner is to serve as your chief of staff so to speak, on all decisions. For example if a guest insists on sitting at the head table (even if it’s a guest you personally loathe,) you don’t have to be the bearer of bad news. You can blame it on the affair coordinator and say, “I’ll see if it’s possible to make changes at the last minute.

    (Of course, it isn’t possible to make a last-minute change,) and the affair planner, rather than you, can willingly take the heat. They are used to it. That’s part of the reason they are there.

    Initially, there will be a coordination meaning in which you and the affair planner will meet and discuss all the details, and here, their job is to make sure there is nothing you missed.

    For example, if important guests are coming from out of town, who will pick them up at the airport, and what hotel will they be housed in.

    Often brides or those planning large events such as an anniversary party or so fixated on the details of the event itself, that they can easily forget the ancillary details, of which there can be hundreds of large and small details to consider.

    Sure, you the bride may set the tone of everything, but don’t short change your event in any manner. Don’t hire uncle Loui’s kid to be the photographer because he got a camera for Christmas, hire a professional.

    And in fact, that’s the biggest reason for that professional affair planner. Never have a reception at a family member’s restaurant, and never have another family member bake the reception cake.

    Count on the affair to lead you to a successful event that goes off without a hitch, and you take all the credit for it.

  • Something Borrowed: A Movie For Love, Friendship and Choices

    Something Borrowed: A Movie For Love, Friendship and Choices

    So you are someone like this: a successful lawyer that works at one of the most prestigious New York law firm, a loyal and generous friend who is still unhappy and single. The bad thing is that your best friend is rubbing it to your face. So you did something really stupid: during your 30th birthday, you broke off of your perpetual good girl shell and ended up in bed with a guy that you have had a crush on since you are in law school. The catch? Well that is not a problem if he is not your best friend’s fiance. What if the friendship you have with the guy collides with love and bring up complications for you and your friends? Another thing is that another guy friend who plays your conscience also harbors on his own secret as another man known for womanizing and would reach out his hands on the next girl he meets crosses your path? Indeed, this movie tells of the thin line between love and friendship that is often difficult to take. How could one person feel happy if he or she would learn that her friend just screwed up with her? Will friendship survive? Something Borrowed is a movie that is more than just about the tough things you face with friends, it is also about telling your friend the painful truth and see if friendship could still survive.

    With a rooster of great actors: Ginnifer Goodwin, Kate Hudson, Colin Egglesfield, John Krasinski, Steve Howey and many others, one would never be able to help him/herself from feeling that indeed, many things are worth pondering on. Friends and lovers alike must see a movie as heart-warming as this one.



    Watching the royal wedding one can’t help but ask questions as to how much the whole event will cost both the bride and groom. Both Kate Middleton and Prince William’s respective families are apparently sharing the bill, while the British Government taking care of security, which definitely won’t come cheap considering the number of people gathering to witness the spectacle.

    When it comes right down to it, should getting married really be an expensive affair? To be honest, it all depends on how you want your wedding to be like, who you want to be part of it (are you looking to invite your immediate family, or the whole neighbourhood?) and where you want it to take place.

    Being on a budget however, shouldn’t hinder your chances of having your dream wedding. While it’s true you’ll have to cut corners in order to make things work, you can still have the wedding you’ve always wanted. Here are some tips to help you get started.

    • Wedding packages are where the action is at. There are some great hotels and venues that offer wedding packages to brides and grooms to be. For a wedding not to look tacky—which is often the case with such packages—you’ll have to compensate by careful planning and tons of customization.
    • Ditch wedding planners and have a team of friends and family help you with your wedding. Not only will this save money—you can negotiate payment terms if you’re worried about being called cheap—it’s also easier for people who know you to understand what you have in mind.
    • Do your homework. The Internet is teeming with wedding advice—this site alone should be enough for your needs. Get your ideas and adjust them according to your present needs. From the flowers, theme, entertainment and dress, there are plenty of ways for you to save without compromising quality.

    Remember that it’s foolish to place too much emphasis on the beginning of your marriage. Having good memories about your wedding is great, but what good is a fancy wedding if the marital commitments and vows aren’t kept over the long run?