Choose Wedding Event Planner For Her Kelowna Bridal Gown

There are plenty of good reasons for hiring event planners for your wedding, any anniversaries or baby showers. And the bigger the event, the more you need them.

First of all, the event planner takes the stress out of events. And let’s be honest here, there are plenty of situations, both real and imagined, where friction can take place.

For example, imagine an after-event reception in which there is only one table setting next to the patriarch or matriarch of the family and there are five adult contenders for that coveted seating.

Imagine the entire event is envisioned outdoors, but suddenly there is a rainstorm and a venue change is required –stat.

Imagine one of the vendors pulled out their contract at the last moment. Let’s say for example, the wedding photographer got into an automobile accident and broke his or her leg. Are you going to go without Kelowna bridal gown photos, flowers, or a reception haul?

No, the show must go on, and the event planner, with years of experience, and perhaps a little black book of emergency vendors, makes sure that the best event proceeds as smoothly as possible.

 On your side, not on your families side

One of the reasons for hiring an event planner is to serve as your chief of staff so to speak, on all decisions. For example if a guest insists on sitting at the head table (even if it’s a guest you personally loathe,) you don’t have to be the bearer of bad news. You can blame it on the affair coordinator and say, “I’ll see if it’s possible to make changes at the last minute.

(Of course, it isn’t possible to make a last-minute change,) and the affair planner, rather than you, can willingly take the heat. They are used to it. That’s part of the reason they are there.

Initially, there will be a coordination meaning in which you and the affair planner will meet and discuss all the details, and here, their job is to make sure there is nothing you missed.

For example, if important guests are coming from out of town, who will pick them up at the airport, and what hotel will they be housed in.

Often brides or those planning large events such as an anniversary party or so fixated on the details of the event itself, that they can easily forget the ancillary details, of which there can be hundreds of large and small details to consider.

Sure, you the bride may set the tone of everything, but don’t short change your event in any manner. Don’t hire uncle Loui’s kid to be the photographer because he got a camera for Christmas, hire a professional.

And in fact, that’s the biggest reason for that professional affair planner. Never have a reception at a family member’s restaurant, and never have another family member bake the reception cake.

Count on the affair to lead you to a successful event that goes off without a hitch, and you take all the credit for it.